In Memory of Mark Freedman

Giving Back

In our first three years, due to your generosity, the Foundation has donated to and will continue to support these valued organizations in our area:

Crime Stoppers: $93,000 donated to the General Fund to raise the rewards of older open homicide cases and $32,000 donated to raise Mark’s Reward which now stands at $50,000. A total of $125,000.

A Simple Gesture$15,000 donated to fill their food bags which they distribute in and around Greensboro.

Greensboro Urban Ministry: $15,000 donated to help with emergency housing needs and providing shelter for the homeless in Greensboro.

Out of the Garden Project: $15,000 donated to grow their garden and ability to provide healthy food in and around Greensboro.

Mother’s Standing Against Gun Violence: $7,550 donated to cover the cost of the homicide victim’s signs that stand daily at the Governmental Plaza reminding us of those we have lost to gun violence.

Stopping the Violence

Through your support, the Foundation will continue to support valued organizations like Mother’s Standing Against Gun Violence who work daily to raise awareness to gun violence and help those who have lost loved ones begin to heal.